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Do you feel that you need to give your sales a little order and strategy? Do you have many projects and few hands to help you execute them? Are you already tired of doing EVERYTHING and that if you are not there, things do not work?

Trabajo en equipo


With our CONTINUOUS MARKETING ADVISORY service we not only help you but we also become one more member of your team.  


Our mission will be to give structure to your projects and take your business to the next level.

We specialize in getting rid of headaches, so you can focus on what is really important to your business. You have at your disposal the experience accumulated in more than 15 years, which allows us to ensure that our team of advisors  development master all project processes.


Our service includes:


  • Develop the commercial plan of the business (how much we want to sell, how and where we are going to sell it and what activities we are going to do to achieve it)

  • Structure new sales channels (key accounts, domicile, industries, food service)

  • Customer segmentation to make sales profitable in times of crisis.

  • Create or renew your brand / business and everything related to the image of your company.

  • Structuring the organizational culture and work scheme to improve productivity. Customer loyalty and sales team incentive programs.

Assigned Consultant:

Lic. Marielisa
Perfetti, MBA

Marielisa is a professional who has worked with large multinationals such as Unilever, KraftFoods, Alpina, Moderna. Entrusting your strategies to Marielisa is a guarantee of results.