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"Loyal customers don't just come back, they don't just recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you."

Chip bell



We design a set of actions intertwined between Online and Offline, which involves various departments of your company to ensure from start to finish, a fluid, coherent commercial process and extremely focused on satisfying the client. Why? Because everything we do to attract, convert and retain customers translates into sales, sales and more sales.

This service consists of an X-ray of the processes and work culture of the company, to align them with what needs to be done to better serve the client and thus sell more and better:


  • Definition of buyer persona or "ideal customers" for the customer's products / services.  

  • Identify the purchase cycle or buyer's journey of the product / service.

  • Understand and solve barriers in the buying cycle.

  • Define an interest matrix to close better sales in the shortest time possible.

  • Content / digital media strategy at each stage of the purchase cycle.

  • Outline the "Customer Experience" process at points of sale and services.

  • Align the sales team and support areas to ensure the customer experience.  

  • Indicators to be evaluated for each area.

  • Calendar of meetings, participants and reports to present, for better monitoring.

Assigned Consultant:

Lic. Marielisa
Perfetti, MBA

Marielisa is a professional who has worked with large multinationals such as Unilever, KraftFoods, Alpina, Moderna. Entrusting your strategies to Marielisa is a guarantee of results.